Transylvania, land of blessing,
Full of strength and crafts so fine,
Many fields of crops possessing,
The Carpathians are thy dressing,
Rich in gold and sweetest wine.

2. Transylvania, sea-bed ancient,
Waves since long withdrawn to rest,
Now a tide of corn abundant,
With the shores of wood resplendant,
Dwelling on heaven’s gracious breast.

3. Transylvania, land of broken
Ruins from glorious times of old,
In thy floors, we find their token,
For the past through them has spoken:
In thy stones, the history’s told.

4. Transylvania, greenest cradle,
With fine weather for thy lands:
Thine ethnicities are noble;
Round thine altar so maternal,
Gather thy most happy bands!

5. Transylvania, church of greenery,
Choir of hills for godly laud,
Where thy tongues, which are aplenty,
Sing thy prayers and anthems gently
To the one eternal God.

6. Transylvania, land of tolerance,
Wherefor every faith would reach:
May God give thee long existence,
As a shelter of resistance
And a home for freest speech!

7. Transylvania, our home sweetest,
Thou, our dearest fatherland,
Be thou hailed by thy fair forest,
By thy children whom thou broughtest:
May they shine in oneness’ band!

Pour l’éventualité de l’utilisation de ce chant à l’église (à l’instar des hymnes nationaux de la Hongrie, de l’Islande, de la Suisse etc.), j’ai également ajouté une doxologie. For liturgical use as a church hymn, I have added an extra stanza, as a doxology:

Transylvania, praise the Father,
And the Holy Ghost adore!
Laud thou Jesus Christ, our brother!
Glorify one God in wonder,
Now and always, evermore!

Merci à Stephen Lovatt pour les quelques corrections mineures, et pour m’avoir aidé à remanier la 4ème strophe!


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